Pentaho on cloud

A complete System to help you effectively sell across all channels

KPI Creation

  •  Select different cube and build KPI/Metric
  •  Top/Bottom n Analysis
  •  Different Visualization (Chart, Grid)
  •  Configurable chart
  •  Configurable tooltip values for displaying Currency
  •  Apply Drill down (Parent and Child)
  •  Apply Dimension/Measure level filter
  •  Save KPI
  •  Drag and drop KPI/Metric and watch the progress
  •  Switch to Table view if chart
  •  Share KPI/Metric to external system
  •  Tooltip with currency prefix
  •  Disable/Enable KPI/Metric
  •  Delete KPI
KPI Creation


  •  Build dashboard once and view different device
  •  Select different layout and adjust height of layout panel
  •  Drag and Drop KPI/Metric and build dashboard
  •  Set dashboard as Default dashboard
  •  Select required dimension and set as dashboard filter
  •  Save AS Dashboard


  •  Drag and drop dimension and measure and define alert
  •  Production version supports public, private and user caution
  •  Get notified in Dashboard and Corporate Wall

Geo Location Analysis

  •  Profit Margin, Sales & Purchases of the current year
  •  Secured bill cancel and bill discount
  •  Makes the CEO understand where he/she stands...
  •  Profit Margin yield of Products
Layer Analysis